Monday, September 29, 2008

Island flu.

Every year we get it- once if not twice. Sometime we pass it around for weeks- sometimes it comes and goess within a couple days. I blame it on high incidence of travel and tourists. And school. And Children are germ factories. When we get the letters home from school that there's another case of fifth disease or pink eye- I know our days are numbered. I also know that if we set foot in Chuck e cheese or the burger king play place the kids will be feverish or sick to their stomachs in approximately 24-48 hours. I once had to rescue Bella from the top of the Burger King playplace- it was not a good experience and I'm pretty sure it had not been cleaned or sanitized since it was built. We didn't go back for a long long time.

So Keola pops in on Friday- he looks a little pekid and I feel a knot in my stomach. Rough night? I ask tentatively? No, he slept fine- but he hasn't eaten anything and spent all day throwing up yesterday. As if on cue- the child starts to dry heave. Oh boy. Go ahead think it- Phil already admonished me for being a doormat. I am told it had to be something he ate. Sure- I will take your pukey child and spend the next 2 weeks puking or cleaning it up. Yea me. So I relegate him to a towel covered spot on the couch. He is not allowed to move. He eats a half of banana and drinks a whole cup of water. His color is back and he wants to play. Lets play outside- minimal cleanup should the blessed event occur- and I know it will- that's just my luck. But no- he's doing well. He drinks more water. They want to walk to the park. It's a couple houses away- what's the worst that can happen? We make it to the park- a bucket of sippy cups in hand. The girls are bopping around and I hear AN JEN! followed by a splashy sound- they must of spilled my water. I walk around the side of the playhouse and Keola is soaked in water/banana chunks. He is walking around in circles in the puddle. I get him to the grass for round 2 and after start stripping him down for the walk home. My water is intact and I use it to rinse down the playplace. Fortunately the girls brought one of kiera's blankets and I wrapped him in it. I look for the girls- Bella is splashing around in the puddle drinking out of Ola's sippy cup. Seriously. Fortunately his dad picks him up early. I try to sanitize everything before Phillip and Kiera get home from school. Lysol and bleach are my friends. Meanwhile Lily and Bella play doctor with a booklight. I know who will be playing doctor in the next 24-48 hours.......

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