Monday, September 29, 2008

Stop, Drop, and Roll

We had our first Field Trip for Lily's Preschool. It was the classic Fire Station trip. Lily LOVED it- especially the part where she got to wear the hat and exclaimed It's Lily Fireman! Of course we spent the previous 3 days preparing for the trip- I want to see the fireman, I do NOT want to go on the Firebus. I do NOT want you or Bella to go on the Firebus. Sweetie, it's a truck, not a bus- you can look at it, but you don't have to go in it. We arrive at the Fire station and Bella thinks it's too cool that she can hang with Lily's friends. Lily does the rounds, says hi to everyone and their mother-literally. And then we all gather for the presentation. It was all fine and dandy until the fireman in the suit showed us how a fire extinguisher worked and made it "snow" over the crowd. Bella was not pleased. I think the technical term would be "pissed off". I wanna go HOME. All done. I wanna go home. And that is what I heard on permanent loop for the next hour. I was not allowed to stand in the shade- I had to stand approximately 10 yards away from any vehicle, fireman or firestation paraphenalia. That included the entire structure known as "fire station". Notice the look of disdain, as we pose for a picture, far , far closer than 10 yards away from the vehicle.
I won't even mention the screams when they set the little doghouse on fire and showed how they put out fires. I should have figured- she only recently would be in the same room while birthday candles were aflame. I really didn't expect a demonstration considering the parking lot of the fire station was smaller than my backyard. I wonder what the codes for that sorta thing are here-but I guess they are trained professionals. Anywho- we survived the trip- she actually slept for the remainder of the afternoon and absolutely refused to speak of the incident again.


sreitz18 said...

We're doing fire safety next week. I totally want to put the picture of Lily in her hat on air!!!

Roberta said...

This is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen! She has your Dad's eyes too!