Saturday, September 13, 2008

Keeping Monkeys out of your Food.

Every time I make an omelet- I am approached hungrily by a ravenous crowd. It matters not that already by 8 am on a Saturday morning they have had juice, fruit, cereal, and I'm pretty sure a few cheese sticks based on the wrappers lying next to the trash container. I doubt they are even hungry, but if you put an omelet on the table- they are starved. I've tried different ingredients, but have yet to find ones that eliminate all beggars. Until this morning. Contrary to popular belief, size does matter. At least in the world of omelets- I mean I have not really researched if how you flip the omelet makes a difference one way or another- but in the land of my monkeys- the size of the ingredients is the key to my having a peaceful meal. The key ingredient- green peppers. Big, evenly distributed- deters them all. I'm not crazy about them. They are my least favorite ingredient of the Denver omelet- but sometimes you have to make concessions. Cheese automatically eliminates Phillip. I melt the cheese in his- sometimes he tastes it, sometimes not. Onions- Lily's out. Kiera is pretty nonplussed about most ingredients and Bella is not afraid of green things. She rather likes salad- especially if it's mine. They scarf theirs down, and by the time I get to my eggs- they are all up in it. But throw some hearty chunks of green peppers in an omelet- they will scan it, crinkle their nose and go about their business. And I get to eat my omelet in peace- well that is to say, I get to eat my omelet. The peaceful part is all relative.

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