Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9 years and Going Strong...

Well, we've managed to keep out eldest offspring in circulation for another year. It wasn't without it's moments. But we did it. Things we have learned this year- skateboards: bad, Helmets:good. Of course had he been wearing a helmet on his pancreas all along- this year might have been a little less interesting and I would not have had to start dying my hair. I recently paid an outrageous amount for a mountain dew helmet that was to his liking- because the dirt bike helmet that he had to have last year is hot and heavy. He hangs on to it though and says it will come in handy when he gets his dirtbike- well yeah that helmet won't seem nearly as hot when hell freezes over.

The cake this year was Phineas and Ferb- and I was relieved. He is also into Bakugan which are these little ball things with a magnetic clasp and they pop open when they hit metal. Thanks to Grandma C- his birthday wasn't a total bust- as she delivered the Delta Dragonoids which apparently are uber awesome and nowhere to be found on the island of Oahu. I could not imagine trying a cake that would somehow pop open- so Phineas and Ferb were easy. Relatively speaking. He stayed home from the beach to help make the cake. I have to say it was fun having him help- although the realization that cake making from start to finish requires more than just and hour or so about did him in. By the end of cake day- I usually have all the kids completely hyped up on sugar because they steal handfuls of scraps and know I won't chase them around the house while I am coated in frosting, fondant and cornstarch- sounds yummy doesn't it? SO the base is Perry the Platypus- with Phineas and Ferb - stepbrothers who are always building wacky larger than life inventions.

I am not sure when the cake thing got out of hand in our house. No one even likes cake- except Bella. It always sits around and I end up giving it away. When I realized that no one really liked cake we switched to ice cream cakes and I would toss some sort of figure on top and call it good. But then in my more frugal years- it became difficult to shell out the dinero for a gigantaur ice cream cake- so when we would have parties I would make cakes. Kiera had the huge mermaid with cupcake hair and tail, Phillip had Baseball- there's been princess, Dora, spiderman, Bronco, Rockies, TMNT- I'm starting to lose track and each one gets more complicated. Apparently it is a reflection of my love for them. Phil requested a life size Eagle Jet this year- I wonder if the Air National Guard would mind if I quietly frosted one and plopped a few candles on it- I mean no one really likes the cake anyway.

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Leesanoonan said...

Jen, that cake is amazing! You're a good mom, darn it! Happy Birthday Phillip!