Friday, September 12, 2008

The Faux Hawk and other hair disasters.

I probably should not cut my children's hair. I know there is probably an age limit, at which point it is considered emotional and physical abuse to do so. But today was picture day. They needed haircuts. It was pouring yesterday. I was not leaving the house. So last night I cut Phillip and Kiera's hair. Phillip's was easy- I've been doing his for 6 years. He fusses every time, but as long as I spike it or do something crazy with it when I am done- he will tolerate it. Last night was the faux hawk.

Now Kiera was a different story. She wanted her hair short. And layered. Ok I can do layers. SO I do a little research and try to attemt the angled bob that is soooo popular these days. I manage a shoulder length bob. The child is incapable of sitting still. The angling posed somewhat of a problem. I had to stop before she was bald. It is a chin length bob in front- which is adorable with her features- and we won't talk about the back which is this shaggy layered mess. She LOVES it. She spent the night looking at herself and shaking her hair back and forth. I kept chasing her with the scissors trying to even it out here and there- which I am pretty sure to an outsider would totally look like I had lost my mind. The whole time Kiera's giggling- I LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS!!! Perhaps the 2 hours of sitting "still" had gotten to her. I guess I won't be adding hair stylist to my resume quite yet. When I drag her away from the mirror I'll get a picture- who am I kidding- she'll sit for 3 hours for a photo shoot.

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