Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Laying Down on the Job.

I don't get paid hourly. And there are times when I work nights, weekends, and really bizarre hours. Anyone with children knows this. And sometimes, although circumstances rarely allow for it- I attempt to take a little snooze on the couch. A snooze on the couch can usually be defined as me laying on the couch in a somewhat tense state as Lily snuggles either on or behind my legs and Bella repeatedly bounces on me like I am a coin operated machine that is not functioning properly. Today did not differ. We spent the morning trying to find parking at the army medical facility where we see the doctor. With four kids, you get to see them a lot. Fortunately today- I only had 2 with me. I left an hour an a half early to pick up some refill prescriptions. I figure transit time is anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour depending- that still leaves at least 30 minutes to park and get an rx. Reasonable planning. Lily has her backpack filled with toys, snacks and enough to keep them occupied for the next 2 days. I also pack back-up snacks and entertainment in my bag. Traffic moved smoothly- we were there in 26 minutes- outstanding. Hmm- valet parking is full. This is a bad sign. Valet parking at Crippler, oops Tripler Army Medical Center is the somewhat reasonable response to the criticism that severely ill patients, pregnant women and women lugging 85 children should not have to hike 1 mile up a hill(Phillip counted 2 sets of 20 steps between the lowest parking level and entrance level) . So they designated all the "no parking" areas- valet parking areas. Mind you people were parking there anyway because there was no parking- at least now $5 a car may fund a new parking structure somewhere in the 22nd century. But as usual I digress. An hour later- I finally score a parking spot after several close calls. SO much for going to the pharmacy- off to our appointment. After a 30 minute wait and Lily and bella exhausting their supply of entertainment- we saw the doctor and were on our way. I stopped by the pharmacy- they were on #425, I grab a ticket- #474. The sign say approximately a 3-5 minute wait per customer....almost 5o ahead of me- sha right- it's a good thing no one is gonna die without their vitamins ...I'll have to come back. It's 12:30- I left the house at 9- any visit to Tripler takes about 3 hours- our time is more than up- Plus Phillip and Kiera need to be picked up at 1:10 today. We get home. We are all tired. Let's take a nap on the couch I say. Bella rummages through Phillip's bag and finds a book cover which apparently doubles as a mighty fine hat. Kiera finds it amusing and wants to take a picture- but first she must take a picture of herself. That's just how Kiera is- all about equality. Meanwhile Bella has scored some glittery lip gloss and is proceeding to beautify herself. I close my eyes and must have really looked like I needed some make-up- because I then feel ooey gooey jabs to my eyelids. Good lord I hope I am not allergic- I can't possibly do another trip to Tripler today.

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Leesanoonan said...

Are those Kiera's heart shaped nostrils I see??