Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Generation TXT

So here we are.  Someday we may not know what our voices sound like.  I was making dinner one night when I got a series of txts from one of Kiera's friends. It turned out to be a chain text message. Although annoying- it's simple to delete and move on.  Minutes later a message arrived to recant the need to forward the message- the 8 year old who sent it had a sudden realization that by txting said msg to everyone in her address book- no untold riches were revealed, health was not restored and her long lost love did not come a knocking at her door.  I then get an entirely cryptic message and am completely befuddled as Kiera enters the room asking "whatch doin?". The look on her face was pretty priceless when I told her that I was texting her friend. "What did she say?"  I hand her the phone and she starts trying to text back. When I asked her what it said- she understood- and apparently kids speak in txt these days which may explain a lot of Kiera's academic shortcomings. As I relayed the story to Phil later that night, he theorized that maybe we could work on her writing and communication skills by getting her a text only phone. I explained from what I saw in her friend's text- that would not work.

Texting has it's upsides. A quick yes, no or data exchange. It is quite useful since I am unable to pick up the phone without WWIII breaking out in my living room.  My mother recently entered the text world and that has enabled us to have quick conversations, info and picture exchanges that would have otherwise not happened. Best of all my stress level doesn't skyrocket as children test the upper bounds of my sanity as soon as they see my trying to communicate telephonically.  I still make every attempt to call my mother weekly and she will testify that I generally fail. But between sports, school, homework and care and feeding of 4 animals- somethings just don't happen- like me getting to talk to anyone for more than a few minutes or going to the bathroom unsupervised. Apparently they think the toilet might suck me away if I go in there by myself and the natural remedy is to sit on me so such action does not occur.

I have heard from many a mom of teenagers that it is easier to text their child when dinner is ready and the response is way speedier than standing at the stairs and screaming. I have found this to be true of arranging babysitters. I do worry that it leads to a desensitization of adolescents. Nothing is real- it's just a text. Yet the written word is still powerful, even if it is phonetically spelled sans vowels.  As powerful  as those words are, still nothing is as powerful as hearing  the voice of a friend or relative when you really need to. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Great Toilet Paper Caper

As any mom knows, we wear many hats. One of the most frequent being- detective mom hat. As in..where is that smell coming from?Remember that missing sippy cup... Where did the markers go? Ohh look at the pretty new unframed art on the wall...  But most recently in our house it has been- why are the girls so itchy? By "itchy" I mean...places it's not polite to be scratchin in public.  It was about 2 years ago that we had an unfortunate bout with worms- and by "we" I mean Lily- and by "unfortunate" I mean- unfortunate. Eww. But let's not relive that right now. I remember that was one of the signs...itchiness. So last week, I was a bit concerned when the two littlest girls kept complaining of itchiness.

We recently got a new washer, so I thought- maybe the new detergent was getting them- so I added an extra rinse cycle. No avail. I took extra care at bathtime and contantly monitored their activities. Status Quo. Then Kiera complains and Then I started having issues. Hmm this is no good. Yet the boys seem unbothered. Maybe it was all the beach time...I took extra care to get them out of their wet suits before we left the beach and showered once we got home. What could it be?

So today, Lily is screamin like a banshee from the bathroom that she is out of toilet paper. We ran out of our stock supply about a week ago. The supply usually takes up residence in Phillip's closet as it is closest to the most frequently used lavatory.  I am pretty picky when it comes to TP brand- so I have a secret stash up in my bathroom . For the past week- every day or so- yeah we have 4 girls in the house- that equates to A LOT of TP usage- I send someone up to retrieve a couple of rolls from my stash. Today it was Kiera.

She comes back downstairs empty handed. "Um mom there is windex all over the toilet paper". Now I would expect something like that to happen in the community bathroom- which is why I store the TP high in Phillip's closet- but in MY bathroom- tell mama it ain't so!!!! Phillip- pipes in "Yeah I noticed that last week- some of the rolls are soaked- you have to dig around for dry ones." AAAAAGGGGGHHH. Spoken like someone who doesn't have delicate pink parts...sheesh. I don't know what bothers me more- that he saw it and ignored it or that he saw it and ignored it.  Well I guess I know what the itchy is all about- windex does not a good intimate cleanser make. UGH.  SO I go to check out the damage. No clue as to HOW it occurred- the windex is separated from the plastic encased pack- BUT there are 4 rolls that are dampish blue. As in been wet for awhile. I grab the extra roll sitting atop my commode and dump the entire bag in the trash. It feels wasteful- but TP does not make very good window cleaners either so I've written it off as a loss.  Well that concludes the Great Toilet Paper Caper and if you'll excuse me- now I have to go procure some TP!