Friday, October 3, 2008

Pink Parts

So awhile back I received a gift that Lily helped pick out. It was a box of Vegas themed bath products. I unwrapped the paper, opened the box and was bombarded with fragrance. Suddenly I was back to 1985, huddled on the bathroom floor with the Barbie perfume factory. I can't remember who gave it to me, but I can assure you it was not my parents. And I understand why now. In 1985, Barbie did not have very discerning taste in eu du toilette. That is probably because she is plastic. Or marketed to 7 year olds. Ah the days of high quality products. You could make pink rose-ish perfume, or blue rose-ish perfume- you get the picture. There are few roses that I actually like the smell of- My friend used to have yellow roses that smelled like urine- it was really bizarre- or maybe that's where the neighborhood cat hung out....but I digress.

Tonight Kiera discovered the box of bubble bath- named things like "sexy bath bomb", "Romantic Shower jelly".. and I quickly swipe it from her before she can read the labels and I have to explain what sexy means. I hid the package under the sink in her bathroom because a) the smell was permeating my bathroom and I couldn't hack it and b) there's more room in there. So she chooses the glittery pink rosey scented bath bomb and Bella choosed some sort of confetti sparkly fuscia concoction. They disperse to their respective bath tubs. In a few minutes Kiera hollers_ it smells so pretty- am I gonna be pink? Hmm- maybe should have saved it for Halloween. As Bella's bomb dissolves- the confetti does not- and the tub is very very pink. Her hands are pink- Lily drops in to use the facilities and absolutely must partake in the pink bath. Meanwhile Kiera yells- my hands are pink- will other things turn pink? Just wait and see I tell her. 45 minutes later, they are all still splashin around- Bella and Lily are trying to catch the elusive confetti. That's probably gonna clog the drain. That really tells you what high quality product this is- I know they can manufacture water soluble confetti for sexy bath bombs...

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