Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Public Displays of Nudity

We had our first "work" get together in quite awhile. Of Course it was the day after Phil returned home from his vacation- I mean very important training mission to Colorado and Florida- so I pretty much wanted to lay in bed for 24 hours straight. We are on our way to the party. It's a KU party. Ku is the Hawaiian god of war- and a few years back a Ku statue became the way to force socialization upon the squadron. Because with a bar in the actual squadron - socializing is a rare event....but I digress. The Owner of KU has 199 days (we are the 199th Fighter Squadron)to throw a party at which Ku gets "awarded" to the next lucky family. This past Sunday was the first family friendly KU event. It was a lot of fun- beach volleyball, a bounce house, bbq- good stuff. Bella did not want to wear clothes. But she agreed to wear pajamas. Ok. whatever. pick your battles. She did very well- I figured she'd be a cling-on, but she went off on her own and played and it was good. At one point Phil was chatting with a new lady at work and Bella decided she was "gungry". She pulls his hand towards the buffet"gungry daddy, gungry". The lady looks at Bella, looks at Phil and says- That's not your daughter and then to Bella- who's your daddy honey? Bella looked at her like she had lost her ever lovin mind. GUNGRY DADDY! If I weren't the baby mama, and didn't have a degree in genetics, I might be offended- but let's face it what do I care what other people think? And then Bella started pulling her shirt off- the international signal for "it's time to go home" -before we have to take KU with us.

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Roberta said...

My goodness they have the same smile!