Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lily's 1st Day of Preschool!

It's here! It's here! It's here! What a fabulous morning! It began in the usual way...mama. mama. mama! Yes Lily, I'm awake. I look at the clock- 6:02- not bad! Anything with a 6 or higher is good. Where's daddy? At work. Daddy's workin? yes. like this is a shock. Every morning we go through the same conversation. Is Ola playin with me today? Not today. So the conversation ends. If the answer is yes- then every 5 seconds she asks when Ola will get here. But today she was distracted, because it was her 1st day of preschool. She put up a minimal fight over brushing her hair and didn't even argue when I informed her that her outfit choice was not what we had agreed on last night. Instead of a t-shirt and skirt, she was now wearing a leotard, Kiera's shirt and a skort, non of which remotely went together. That would have been a great picture, but the coffee was still brewing....and she trudged back upstairs and changed. Bella gallops upstairs to get dressed as well, because since she got a backpack when Lily did, she MUST be going to school WITH Lily. I had to carry her out screaming on Meet the Teacher day. We make it to preschool, not on time, not early- but crazy early. It's a rare event that I am early anymore. It usually means I got the time wrong if I am. So we head over to the park to play for a few minutes-much to Lily's dismay. But finally we go to school and she puts her bag away and we give the teacher a sack full of supplies and she plops herself down in the circle with the rest of the kids. Bella plops herself down too..so after I snap a picture, I whisper- wanna go for a walk at the beach? Zoom- the little red spitfire is out the door-so I chase after her- get to the car. My keys are still in the classroom. What am I- a rookie? Seriously. I'm not worried about Lily- but all those first-timer moms, pacing by their cars- their kids MAY freak out when I open the door. Fortunately Ms. Chris spotted them and has them ready by the door, crisis averted. And so Bella and I head to the beach for a walk. Lily had a fabulous time with her new friends and had cheese, crackers, and oranges for snack. According to her "art" for the day, her arms are upside down and backwards- but we have lots of years to work on body image issues.


Roberta said...

OOOOHHHH, Lily looks soooo cute and that look on her face is precious. Tell Lily Grandma loves her and can't wait to hear about it.

sreitz18 said...

Bella and Lily have some very nice baby picture backdrops!