Monday, August 4, 2008

Dirt, dirt and more dirt.

For children who seem to be so bothered by being dirty, they sure are, well, dirty. See mommy- diiiirteeeeeeeeeeeey! It requires utomost sensitivity and instant cleansing. Mind you, they are covered head to toe in the red clay that is the result of the high iron content here...but that speck of grass, mud, whatever icky- must be eradicated RIGHT NOW! Pig Pen was a neat freak compared to my children. That taupey beige carpet with stainmaster(yeah right) that we opted for- BIG mistake, huge. What we should have done is go to the lot our house was to be built on- grab a jar full of red dirt and find a high pile carpet in exactly that shade. If money were no object- a nice tile, pergo or all out hard wood in that shade. While we were at it, we should have had more reddish children and I should invest in all reddish brown clothes.

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Maureen said...

Oh the joys! I just love these little stories while I'm sitting at work...not wanting to be here! Thanks, Bean