Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST- Finding your way after supreme disappointment

The year we moved to Hawaii, all we heard about was this new tv series that was being filmed on the island. It was called LOST.  Only a couple episodes aired but already sci-fi types were ablaze with theories on what the island was and what it all meant. 

  I saw my first episode of Lost while we were still in the temporary living facility on Hickam Air Force Base. I was very pregnant with Lily and had trouble sleeping. She was huge and every time I laid down, I couldn't breathe. So I stayed up a lot and watched tv. It was fine in the TLF because there was cable. One night, the rerun of Lost was on and I watched a few terrifying moments of it. Phil and I have a pact that we only watch scary movies or shows together. It's comforting to know your best buddy is right there.  I watched most of the episode and felt completely and utterly LOST, as promised.

After we were in our rental house, we only had bare bones rental furniture until we could scrape together enough money to ship our household goods here. We also decided to forego cable to save money. I would catch reruns of LOST on every so often. Phil was working a lot of hours, as usual.  We were finally getting settled. Phillip was in school, Kiera was in preschool- we had Lily- I honestly didn't have too much time for tv.  We were building a house a few streets over and we were still counting pennies to make sure everything went smoothly with the closing.  And then I found out I was pregnant with Bella. Our own little dramady was taking place.

We got settled into our new home, Kiera and Phillip were both in school and I was still bust with 2 little ones at home. A friend let me know they were doing casting calls for the baby on LOST.  Bella was a little older than they were looking for(the baby in the show apparently never aged...) but she was small for her age so I sent a picture in.  The lady in casting emailed me back that although her size was appropriate, her hair was a little more red than they were hoping for.  At that time, one of Kiera's friends' mom just had a baby, so I passed the information along. She ended up getting the part! 6 months later she was in her first episode of LOST and I made Phil watch with me to spot her. As promised, we were both utterly and completely LOST.  Mind you this was Season 3 and the story line resembled nothing of the show I watched a couple years before.  We were curious. We bought the first 2 seasons on dvd and spent the next few weeks watching and discussing the show.  By the time we finished, season 3 was waiting for us in out dvr queue.  We were hooked. Where did the others come from? What did the numbers mean? Why was Dharma there? What was the black smoke? Why were they all chosen to be there?

After 6 seasons, the show finally was coming to an end. I am a big fan of going out while you are on top. I just wondered how they were going to answer all the questions in one season. A few drawn out episodes later, I wondered how they were going to answer the questions left in 5 episodes, 4 episodes, 3, 2,1.  We got pieces here and there but the last season seemed to abandon many of the premises set in motion by seasons 3,4,and5.  I loved the character centric plots. I loved the way they taunted you with pieces of information, doling them out a bit at a time. I wanted the end to reflect the show. In a lot of ways it did- it rushed to wrap everything up with a neat little bow- yet forget to put the present in the box.  Instead of giving you enough information to stand aroung the watercooler and connect all the pieces- they chose the easiest, most disappointing means to an end.  Had they stopped stumbling around, dragging the series out all season and actually weaved a story- the end could have been magnificent. Instead it was the college paper that was left until the last minute. All the criteria were met, but it could have been any paper. Sure we know what the black smoke is now, but how and why are left dangling. The obvious answer is that by the island being the Losties transition into the afterlife, all questions are directly answered with- it's part of the journey to find the way off the island.  Well no. I don't buy it. I don't need to be spoon fed the answers, but I need to be givent he tools to find them. I feel like I was just plopped down in a car with a 5 dollar hooker and when I asked her what her name was, she replied "what do you want it to be?"  I now feel like the past 6 years were a social experiment in television programming and I fell for it. Hook, line, sinker.  I feel like I confused a series of coincidences for fate. I can't say they didn't warn me.

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I am also a fan of going out on top!