Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome to my World!

Hello there! So I am working on potty training #4. You'd think at some point you would get used to potty mishaps- yet each child comes up with new and exciting ways to test my gag reflex. Bella has decided that she no longer wants to wear diapers. Or clothes. Just a pony tail and a smile. She knows she has to go potty. She goes as far as to get the package of diapers, shove it between her legs and carry on with her business. She is shocked by the mess. As are her siblings who start to hoot and holler like a pack of monkeys in heat. So I mop the floor. Lily wants to help and grabs the Lily sized mop...before she can swoosh the mess around I ask her if she could help me by mopping the bathroom. When I pass by the bathroom in a minute she is busily mopping the floor which is now soaked....in the absence of a bucket she used the toilet to wet her mop. Bleach is my friend.

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