Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to School!

Oh yeah! Despite Kiera puking all over her bed last night....she managed to cart-wheel all the way to school. No fever- no other symptoms except a dry cough which probably caused the taco surprise to project itself all over the bedspread, sheets and wall. Or it may be that she points the fan directly in her face at night- I'm all for white noise and a breeze, but her eyeballs are starting to dry out. I also think this may have been the first time Phil tackled pukey laundry. I was too busy gagging and cleaning Kiera to laugh at his attempt to shove a bedspread, sheets, pajamas, 1 stuffed animal and 2 pillows in to our 1999 .5 cubic foot top load laundry machine. I guess the pillows didn't fit- I found them in the shower this morning. But I didn't have to scrape chunks off of them- so I will gladly deal with the soppy pillows this morning.

Phillip is going into 4th grade and Kiera is starting 2nd. The number of school supplies multiplies each year. Pretty soon we will be buying a desk and chair that they will have to carry to and from school. Whatever happened to the cool kids being determined by who had the 64 crayon pack WITH the built in sharpener? I think we took pencils, paper, crayons and 2 folders to school. Now they each have 7 composition books, 7 folders, 4 reams of various papers,36 pencils, 24 blue pens, 24 black pens, 24 red pens, every type of marker designed(fine, broad, sharpie and dry-erase) paper towels, napkins,sponges, antibacterial soap, antibacterial gel, tissues -(wait I KNOW we had to take tissues to school.) So since they never come home clean- I assume they are doing a lot of writing about cleaning or they are actively cleaning their learning environment.

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Roberta said...

Hey honey,

Just as I always said. You have a "gift" for writing. One of my friends at work saw this. She said you are the next Erma Bombeck. Please consider getting your work published.