Saturday, July 26, 2008

Please do not throw Coineys in the cages...

So on the last baseball practice of the post-season...the girls played in the van while I chatted with one of the other moms nearby. I hear this horrible screeching, not child screeching but electrical radio interference BAD screeching. My 3 year old and the 2 year old are huddled in the back seat with a 10 year old friend who was "playing" with them(aka texting out of her mother's view....)-their screams now drowned by the awful sound emanating from my vehicle. My instinct is to grab the keys out of the ignition. Wait! I have the keys in my hand (after all what good mommy would leave 2 toddlers supervised by a 10 year old with KEYS in the car..??..) so HOW is the radio making that hideous sound??? I start pushing buttons, put the keys in the ignition and finally get the sound to cease while the car is off. But wait the lights are ON. The 3 year old informs me that her sister put coineys in the radio. I look at the change compartment- there are a few pennies left. Lily can never decide if she wants to call it coins or money...regardless: This is probably very bad. The radio has ceased it's noise now. I no longer have interior lights either. But for a week, every time I hit a bump -the radio might turn on- Or the screeching would start. But even the van fairies have tired of playing their tricks on me. So now I listen to twinkle twinkle little star....over and over and over.

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