Tuesday, July 29, 2008


For the past few weeks,months,years- Phillip has been constantly asking for an ipod. Each request is summarily responded to in accordance with parental guidelines "do you have money for an ipod?" I don't know-he responds- how much does an ipod cost? That depends- what do you want it to do? I want to watch videos and listen to music- he responds casually. So we start going over the process of any major purchase. How much money do you have? $187 and a lot of change, but I haven't counted all of it lately. I'm guessing the change probably amounts to another 30-40 smackers and that of course is minus the daily slushie fee of 25 cents for the entire summer. Every morning, the junior leaders at the local parks program freeze Kool-ade in little cups. They used to use dixie cups and finally upgraded to plastic cups, much to the delight of moms and vehicle upholstery all around Ewa Beach.(To all you rookies out there- it's pronounced "Ehva"- pidgin will be a whole blog of it's own some day.) But I digress. So my chosen mate for life helps begin the research process by guiding the eldest male offspring on his first electronic hunting expedition. Although the afternoon at Best Buy did not yield a catch- valuable knowledge was procured. I look down into these beautiful brown eyes surrounded by the cutest freckles you ever did see and he reports I want an Ipod nano-4 gigs, the 8 gig is more money than I have and the shuffle is too little and doesn't play video. Well allrighty then. Can we go to the NEX tomorrow and check the prices? There's no tax there. This morning I watch him empty his piggy bank of all paper money. Mind you, the "piggy bank" is a plastic jar from 3 years ago when we never did manage to locate his actual piggy bank after our last move. I've been begging him to let me send it into his savings account forever, but he wanted no part of it. We press the dollars flat and cram them into his wallet. And off we go. It took 2 different base exchanges before we find what he is looking for. The happiness in his eyes is something we haven't seen in awhile. He forks over the cash at the checkout and clings to the package. 20 minutes later, he races in the house to download music...and videos. While waiting for the initial charge, he paces back and forth ...and so it begins. Mom can I download the song"lollipop"? Do you have money for the song "lollipop"? I don't know - how much does it cost? So to those who sent money to Phillip for birthdays, holidays, breaking his pancreas and may or may not have gotten a written thank you- Thank you so much for the lovely gift- it went towards an Ipod nano with 4 gigs and it apparently plays video!! :)

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Roberta said...

Tell Phillip that Grandma will need his advice on an IPOD as well as Wii. I'm considering buying when I've saved the money just like he did. I'm so proud of Phillip.