Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monkey Stand - Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Monkey Stand - Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

I am so excited for our new project! We are hosting a Lemonade Stand for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. All the proceeds go to fund research to cure Childhood Cancer! Every day 36 kids are diagnosed with cancer in the US. Every DAY! In October 2008, Lily was one of those diagnoses.

I heard about Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation online last year. A little girl named Alex held stands in her front yard to raise money for her hospital after she was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. It sounded fun- the lemonade stand not the cancer. The cancer thing sucks- it's still really fresh. But I can't remember how many Kool-ade stands we hosted as kids. Crystal Barbie was earned through many cups of the sweet beverage and some generosity from the Chem-lawn guys. I have so many friends discussing their readiness for Garage sale season. I don't like garage sales. I don't like going, I don't like hosting. I generally take our stuff to a charity and call it good. But then a friend posted that she was going to donate all her garage sales proceeds to charity. That made the work sound worth it! Then it clicked- what if I combined the 2? My neighbors have stuff they need to get rid of, it's spring cleaning time- I was ready to get the ball rolling. A few clicks online and a few phone calls and we are on our way. I am thrilled that the kids are involved and excited not only to get rid of their clutter- but to do this for a great cause! On May 8th we are hosting a Yard Sale Lemonade Stand. All proceeds will go to ALSF! I'm even considering experimenting with some Lily-koi lemonade- it could go either way!

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is based out of Philly and funds many cancer research projects. We have a busy 3 weeks ahead of us- but it's a great kind of busy. We can't do it without your help! Every little bit will make a difference. Donations can be made online or in person until May 8th! Details will follow once we get specifics ironed out. I want to work towards a world where little angels lives are not cut short by this disease. I don't want my children to have to face this disease with their children. Please pass the info along if you are inspired!

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