Monday, March 1, 2010

Springing into action...

I am in complete and total denial. It can't be March. It can't. That would mean in the next 6 weeks, I have 3 birthdays to plan for and well, I haven't. No planning. none. A thought here and there. darn it. So maybe it's time to scale back the Mallory birthday extravaganzas. yeah..right. I remember Kiera saying she wanted a sleepover birthday, no wait she switched it to a beach bash overnighter. Might have to reign that one in.

Lily wants a birthday at home. I like that. A little easier to plan for. And since her and Bella have all the same friends- we lump them. Someday that might result in an issue for one or both of them to discuss in therapy- but they will just have to add it to the list and work through it.  I honestly don't know how this got out of hand. I hate birthdays. Well that's not true- I hate my birthdays- I love throwing parties for the kids. I don't know why I don't like my birthday. I had lots of good birthdays as a kid.

January was slowish and mostly we spent it recovering from the holiday craziness. Much too early to start planning spring birthdays.  Then February hit....we had an amazing anniversary weekend...alone....and I thought about maybe starting to plan the girls' birthdays.  But mostly I got distracted by this hunky guy who kept winking at me....maybe next week I thought. But then there was Dance class, and basketball, and karate and a doctor's appointment here mixed with a little roid rage in a 4 year old there..and here we are...March.

A week ago, Phil had drill weekend. yaaaaaaay. So it was me and the kiddos- hanging out. We had Phillip's basketball game and on the way to the car- Lily tells me I need to take take the training wheels off her bike- she can ride it without them.  I don't really want to much less think I need to. Taking training wheels off means running and pushing and waiting for the inevitable crashing. Then the screaming, and sometimes bleeding. Not the kinda low key weekend I was hoping for. Plus there is an unspoken contract between the man of the family and myself- whenever possible he deals with sports and injury prone area training of the children. Two wheeler training falls in this category.  It also involves jogging or running and as I have mentioned before- no fire-no running.  Well that's not entirely true- just the other day Lily came screaming that Phillip fell off his ripstick and hurt his head. There was running then. No injury- the fall was on grass but he thought it would be funny to play dead and freak Lily out since she had ridden in front of him. Har de freeaking har har.  And yet I have no grey hairs.....yet.

SO we get home from basketball, Lily again says she needs the wheels off. So I get the wrench and take off the wheels. I preface this with...I am not running around after you- daddy will when he gets home.  She looks at me like I am silly, hops on her bike and starts trying to pedal it around the lanai. I am chatting with my mom on the phone and the kids are acting like they have ants in their pants. Except Phillip- he has discovered the Percy Jackson series and has his nose buried in the second book. Kiera runs in and out and Lily asks if she can ride her bike outside with Kiera. Sure, I have already completely forgotten about the training wheel thing. Bella is bathing the rubber duckies in the bathroom sink. I wander outside in a few minutes to check on the girls- and there is Lily riding her bike around the alley like a pro. So I run inside get my camera, take a few pictures then run back inside to get my computer to show mom. Bella follows with her duckies in a bucket. We are the living breathing skype commercial. Skype rocks.

I'm not sure if it's her personality, her size or her maturity...but she does her thing that Lily. She's the same way with the wii or anything else she wants to do. I asked her to show me how she gets going on the bike, after all that's the hardest part, and turning. She pushes herself along with her feet and away she goes, she rides to the end and turns around. That's my monkey!

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