Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Go Fly a Kite

I was just lamenting my lack of playfulness. Goofy, yes. Silly, definitely. Playful, not so much. I don't particularly care for dressing up- formal or costume. Sure it's ok once in awhile- and by once in awhile I mean the mandatory fun military banquet type shenanigans we go to, or a random date night kinda thing. Phil and I have a new favorite date place. It's Chuck's at Koolina. The whole idea is that it's silly to get all dressed up in uncomfortable clothes and then try and eat a good meal. I agree. But then again, I'm not a calorie counting kinda girl and I do enjoy a good meal. I particularly enjoy multiple good meals and daily if possible. I married a man with similar beliefs and we believe it is important to impart our beliefs on our children. Bella would like approximately 6 good meals a day and a good meal for her consists of anything of, pertaining to, or including cheese.  I spend all day trying to get her to taste the joys of fruit and veggies, but unless said fruit and veggies have been doused with a healthy helping of cheese- she's not interested. One morning I fixed them a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese with bananas on the side. I figured that bought me a half an hour workout and decided to wait and eat my breakfast later. One of the other realizations I have had is that all that good food makes for a fairly squooshy mom and at some point I have to counteract it all. I managed a 34 minute workout and returned to the kitchen to fix myself a bagel. There is Bella with her entire fist in the tub of cream cheese. She scoops whatever she can into her mouth and throws the container on the counter like I didn't just see anything. Her fruit was untouched and the bagels sat whole on her plate- a little soggy from where she licked the cream off. I decided it was a fruit and yogurt kinda day after that.

Today Bella made it through her first dance class. She's been to at least a half dozen and this either was a breakthrough or a fluke. After dance class, I opened the windows to the car and it was so blustery, it actually took my breath away.  A perfect day to go fly a kite. That is a reasonably playful, spontenuous kinda thing to do. I looked through my old party supplies-I went through a phase where I decided any good clearance item was a potential party decoration and found a stash of kites. Perfect. After assembling them, we almost got them out the door without them being tangled. almost.  We drive down to a big open field park.  Phillip throws his in the air, it crashes. I am trying to keep Kiera and Lily from crossing their streams while saving bella from death by string. Phillip throws his into the air again, again it crashes. Mine won't work- he tells me. Yeah dude- you actually got to try to fly it. His is the only one that is actually a real nylon kite- the rest are 79 cent plastic jobbies.  Lily's keeps diving to the right. We fight with it for awhile until she learns the run and weave technique. Bella discovered there was a playground and left. Phillip followed her. Kiera has her kite up and notices they are at the playground. Hey mom- can I go play now? Me too chimes in Lily, I wanna play. Not exactly the positive reinforcement I needed on the playful front.

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