Monday, March 15, 2010

Lily takes on 5!

It was a day of choices, which Lily always makes with conviction. What would you like to do today? I want scones for breakfast and pizza for dinner and an ice cream cake with Jasmine on it. I want to talk to grandma on the puter. I want to go see Alice(In Wonderland) and I want to open my presents. check. check. check, check, check and check.   A few minor setbacks were that Kiera did not wish her a Happy Birthday within seconds of waking and that Birthdays do not grant you adult priveleges, unless you achieve an adult birthday number. 5 is not an adult birthday number? No. How many more until I get to an adult birthday number? 13-16. Days? No, birthdays. Oh.  The first problem was solved by getting Kiera to wish the little monkey happy birthday every couple of minutes until Lily decided that she no longer felt slighted. The second was quickly realized in time out.

We have a joint party planned for Lily and Bella. It's just easier since they run in the same circle of monkeys. So yesterday was just about Lily. She spent about an hour on the phone with Grandma, opening her presents and playing games and Barbies electronically. She only parted with the computer to field a call from her best friend Maggie.

I loved the idea of an ice cream cake. I have tried making them- it is not pretty- some things are just better left to professionals. And since Jasmine is not a standard cake topper- I found some figurines on sale.  There was also a request weeks ago for a Barbie and the 3 musketeers DS game. The victory smile made the trip to 6 different stores and calls to just as many, TOTALLY worth it.

So I will subtly add our annual parental joke, which is- yay... we kept another one alive for a whole year. It took on an entirely different meaning this year. The 5th year has nothing on Lily and I'm sure she has a thing or two up her sleeve to show it! Happy Birthday 5th Monkey!

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