Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

For weeks now, my kids have been re-enacting a SNL skit that lil Phillip watched with Emma Stone where she slips on grape jelly and breaks her arm. Then leg. Then another arm. And leg. Slapstick stuff- they love it. It was pretty harmless, so I let him carry on. He then showed it to the girls and they have been wandering around singing- now sign my cast, sign my cast, sign my cast. We decided to remake the video for Phil's birthday. It's entirely trainwreckish- but was an outstanding team building experience. Happy Birthday to my best friend and my baby daddy. We love you very much- now sign my card, now sign my card, sign my card.

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Amy said...

Awesome video card! Happy Birthday, Phil!

Anonymous said...

omg so cute!