Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Dad I Know

Growing up with the best dad ever, I had pretty high expectations for the father of my children. The problem was- I fell in love. I fell in love with a brilliant, loveable, charming, goofball who fortunately for me- is an amazing dad.

Had I conducted interviews, I could not have picked a better man to be the father of my children. Over the years, experience  confirmed that.  He constantly amazes me with his playful guidance and the ease with which he keeps us all laughing.  He is my friend, my partner in this crazy venture called parenthood.  The boy I fell in love with has become the man I knew he would be. I am grateful to be on this journey together.

11 years ago, I watched as he would flop on the floor, scoop up lil Phillip and read the many adventures of a friend called Pooh.  Even when his work schedule keeps him past bedtime, the girls are still up with a book picked out, waiting for dad- who will flop in the bed, one girl cradled in each arm- often reading some adventure of a friend named Pooh.  Through him, they learn how to work hard and play hard. I cherish the nights of singing and dancing as we wash dishes- each child waiting their turn to show dad their latest move. I love that he is always challenging them to be better and do better- not for anyone else, not for him- but because they can.  As I cringe at the potential injury generated from learning to ride bikes or ripstiks- he is right there beside them showing them the way. Even this morning, he woke up early to go surfing- but instead of going alone- he woke up Phillip - his latest surfing buddy. I remember him cuddling our babies telling them all the things they were going to do together when they were bigger and am so delighted to see them all doing them.

Happy Father's Day Buddy, you are the Best Dad I Know.


Phillip said...

Thanks buddy- I'm not half the parent that you are! Thank you for an incredible day!

Angela said...

Ok, that is darling! Which baby is he holding in the bottom right pic? Bella? She looks like a doll!