Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just another day in paradise

It's been a month since pukefest '11. That was awesome. No, really superiorly fantabulous. Of course Phil was TDY. Bad things always happen when he's TDY. Always. Despite countless promises post last health apocalypse to avoid unnecessary TDYs- he came home from work 2 weeks ago and says- so um when does your friend get home from Disney?

Me, well I decided I was approaching this all wrong. Enough of the impending doom, they are all out to get us and by they I mean fate. I was going to be positive God Damnit. It was time to embrace the positive and gain back the confidence I lost somewhere. -You miss her too? I ask

Um, well I have to go to Langley. - Ah well, do what you gotta do- we totally need the healthcare.

Wait a minute. Wait a cotton pickin minute- you think I cannot get through one lousy week without a crisis?

No, of course not- I just like to all the bases covered. Plus I don't want you to be lonely.

No you don't think I can do it or no you think I can? I have 4 kids. I. don't. get. lonely. Somebody always wants something, usually when I am in the bathroom or on a call- which is rarely with an actual friend because it is with the pharmacy or the endocrinologist or the oncologist or the public health nurse.  Somebody always wants to give me something, usually it's the flu, or a cold, or a dead insect- all highly preferrable to worms- and by that I mean the intestinal kind. Just like your job takes you to Langley- mine keeps me here with promethean accuracy.

I have been lost between getting through the day and wanting to make a difference. Sometimes just getting through the day does make a difference. It shouldn't be that way. But what way should it be? There are no guarantees. Everything is what we make it. There are always challenges and factors outside of our control. You deal with them and move on.

We drop Phil off at the airport and it seems like we just did this. I push away the sense of impending doom and embrace the opportunity that has presented itself. I clean my bathroom and do a few loads of laundry. The kids are off doing a lemonade stand.  I make them dinner(which is to say I drive and get take out) and then it is time for baths and bed.  1 day down- see, no worries. I got this. Day 2- rinse. repeat. Day 3 is livened up with by the soon to be middle schooler's band practice, gymnastics , art class and a trip to Costco for rations. That night I take a quiet moment to pause and appreciate the normalcy of it all. I can do this.

I wake up day 4- the official half way point of this TDY and think I will get the house cleaned today. I no more than complete the thought and Bella climbs up into my lap with complaints of a tummy ache. Yeah you know how this ends. Within an hour she's puked 3 times- once all over my bed. Well- I was going to wash the sheets today anyways- look at me embracing the positive.  Downstairs she pukes. And again. My neighbor comes over for a cup of tea and after 3 more puking episodes offers to take the other kids so I can take her into clinic.

I am literally on hold with the clinic when I get a call from school. Phillip threw up at band. Here we go. Again.  I go get him and Monica takes the healthy girls to her house. We go into clinic.  We get the diagnosis- it's just a virus. I smile slightly on the way home. Embrace the normal. I am kicking normal's butt. Kids get sick. It makes for a long day, but it's manageable.

When Phil calls I chat like it's an average day- which if you think about it- it is. He wants to talk to the kids. I hand the phone to the preteen fully confident that he will grunt maybe twice and hand the phone back. No- the first thing out of the lil shit's mouth- yeah band was good until I threw up. I feel like I just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar- I shake my head trying to get him to stop- oh noooo he goes on- yeah and Bella threw up alot like 8 times. Between the horror of it all I'm offended- she puked 8 times when HE was around- let's not forget the other dozen or so times.  No we are embracing the positive. I get the phone back.  -So the kids are sick?  - oh yeah- well you know this IS normal for us. He laughs hysterically. I'm sure it's a lot funnier from his vantage point. -Do you want me to come home?  For puking kids? Nah I got this. Just another day in paradise.

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Angela said...

Jen Jen Jen! I hope the other girls and you escape this "virus" when we go to the Dr. and get that, too!