Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kalo n Kiera

I had the chance to go to the Kalo(taro) Patch with Kiera's Class. In 4th grade, they learn all about Hawaiian History and Culture. A trip to the Taro patch enlightens the children to the importance of playing in mud. I learned quite a bit. For instance, I still do not like poi which is the famous Hawaiian glue, I mean root. Actually, Taro is the root and is very much like a potato and is great in breads, or baked with a little seasoning- but when it is ground into Poi- it looks like purple snot. After learning that 4th grade classes from all over the island swim around where it is planted, I question my need to eat it at all. I know 4th graders, they are not clean. I also learned that mother of a classmate is a poopologist. Her son informed me that she can identify animals by the way their poop smells. Does she dissect it? Sometimes, was the answer- if she's looking for something. I don't think he was joking. I wonder what Kiera tells the kids I do.....

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