Monday, August 2, 2010

Cabineting at Bellows

Grandma Connolly came to visit for a week. It was a full week of fun- and the first time Grandma has been here that hasn't been related to a Mallory hospitalization of some sort! We took her to see some sights and spent a couple of nights at Bellows. Phil and the kids camped for a night- and Bella, Grandma and I stayed in the cabin. I learned that there is less sand in the cabins(or cabinets as the girls like to call them) than the tent- but more bugs- specifically ants and centipedes. Ick. Bella went crabbing with us the first night and as soon as she saw them began channelling her inner kitten and would try to climb to the top of the nearest object- which was usually me. The next day at the beach, during daylight- I bent down to help build a sand castle and when a crab ran out- Bella perched herself on top of my head with fistfuls of hair. That was fun.  Especially the high pitched squealing in my ears.

Lily had a major wardrobe malfunction. She had clothes- she just is going through a phase where she refuses to wear anything on her bottom half. She lived in the same pajamas and dress the whole time and 1 hour before check out, she decided (with some help from dad) that she would swim in the ocean by wearing Kiera's swim cover up shorts. Kiera wasn't too bothered because she inherited the brand new swimsuit that Lily's dad tried to bribe her with. Yeah that's right- Kiera and Lily are the same size, sort of.  The have very different builds and Lily's limbs aren't as long- but they are pretty close.

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