Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

I spent some time looking through pictures for a year in review smilebox. As many things that sucked last year- there were some really good things that came out of it. I found a couple of things to be true- we went to the zoo a lot last year and we really tried to make the best of the time we weren't at the hospital. I don't do resolutions. Resolutions are like sure fire ways to sabotage yourself. I'd be better off saying I will not watch what I eat and try to be less active. I will play less with the kids and do more housework. I will stress over the little things.

We never go out for New Years Eve.  It started one of the first years we were married. We lined up a sitter, got all dressed up to go out and our sitter stood us up.  So we put Phillip to bed and played games while we watched TV and had a ton of fun. From then on out it became our tradition. Mostly because I have extreme difficulty staying awake until midnight- especially armed with the knowledge that my wake up call will be tugging at me by about 5. A couple times we have invited close friends to join us or stopped by friends' houses for a little while. When we moved here to Hawaii, we learned of the crazy firework mayhem and that gave us even more reason to stay home outta the smoke.  So this year I got some fireworks, some "kid wine"- the really gross carbonated juice that the kids love and snacks. We played the game of Life- which was pretty funny and quite ironic.  Lil Phillip's word of the day was ironic-he kept throwing it around. We experienced a coincidence and he said- oh isn't that ironic? No. That's not ironic. What's ironic? Not that. Of the 20 some games we own, choosing to play the game of Life , that's ironic. But I guess we wouldn't be here if we hadn't chosen to stay and play.

Lily and Bella celebrated Colorado New Year with a toast to Grandma and were sent off to bed.

So here we are deep in the game of Life.  Kiera skips the University route(big surprise) and manages to land on every big money square there is. She flat out refused to get married. Phil didn't want to allow it- but I said there is no reason she had to. It's a game right? She later went on to adopt twins.  She had enough money to support them and we didn't have to field the awkward- I thought you had to be married to have kids discussion, again.  Phil became a doctor, and gradually worked his way to millionaire, Little Phillip and I struggled to get around the board- never quite getting ahead. That seems about right. 

The New Year came. We hugged, we kissed and I went right to bed. Grateful to see 2009 go and grateful to be able to look forward to a New Year. Mostly just happy for the promise of a new year.

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