Sunday, October 18, 2009

Punkin Patchcapades

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We made our annual trek to the Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch this morning. It wasn't muddy like last year, and it was definitely more light hearted. Bella all but refused to depart the wagon, as apparently the pumpkin patch was 'dirty'.  It didn't help that 5 feet into the pumpkin patch Lily got all tangled up in briars and screamed like a howler monkey.  It's funny how after all these years my view of the perfect pumpkin has changed. It used to have to be as perfectly round as possible and relatively unblemished. Now- It has to have character, be generally roundish, and not rotten.  It goes much quicker that way and then I can keep my focus on de-briaring the children as they run around looking for their perfect pumpkins.

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